United Counties League Premier Division: Oadby Town 3 Northampton Sileby Rangers 1.

Freeway Park, Wigston Road, Oadby, Leicestershire LE2 5QG

Frankie left this game pretty p1ssed off with me as I insisted we leave early because it was a school night. A late KO and an horrific looking injury to NSR’s number 7 meant I had to get him home before his mother went barmy at me. The most notable things about the game, apart from the leg-break, were the beautiful sunset and NSR’s number 9 who wins the award for tallest player we saw all season, standing at least 14 feet. He was absolutely bobbins as well, even worse when they put him at centre-back. In better news Oadby have upped their hot chocolate game with Cadburys now providing the HT treat.