download (1)Northern Premier League Premier Division: Coalville Town 1 Sutton Coldfield Town 1.

Owen Street Sports Ground, Coalville, leicestershire LE67 3DA 

A beautiful summer evening and a trip to Owen Street for our first game of the season. Coalville were promoted into this new division last season and the ground has undergone significant improvements, although the range of ale in the clubhouse remains rubbish. A decent game was hugely enlivened by the skills of Coalville’s number 10 Nat Watson. They’ll do well to hold onto him. Sutton Coldfield’s travelling support numbered 9 blokes but between them they managed to bring two drums and a trumpet. Frankie found it hilarious and ‘cool’. I found it amusing for around 3 seconds. The ‘Coalville Ultra’s’ had a bass drum but lacked the musicianship of their Brummie counterparts and gave up after a minutes tuneless thudding. The ‘beautiful evening’ had turned into a ‘bleeding cold evening’ by FT and we were happy to hear the final whistle and get on our toes.