Leicestershire Senior Cup Quarter-final: Heather St. John’s 4 Ashby Ivanhoe Reserves 2.

St John’s Park, Ravenstone Rd, Heather, Coalville LE67 2QJ.

Sometimes something happens during a match that reminds you why you fell in love with watching the game in the first place. Tonight it happened 20 minutes in when Heather’s number 10 Jake Healey leant back and chipped/curled the ball over the keeper from 25 yards to score undoubtedly the best goal I’ve seen at any level this season. He scored another beauty 10 minutes later when he placed one into the top corner from 20 yards but frankly nothing could overshadow the first (the lad assisted the other two as well to cap a brilliant individual performance).

It made our trip to the farthest reaches of Leicestershire worthwhile on a bitterly cold and foggy night. We’ve wanted to visit Heather’s St John’s Park for ages and it didn’t disappoint. The ground is lined by trees giving it a lovely neat feel and the three stands are all ace. The visitors Ashby were rubbish, a fact highlighted by Heather’s lovely one-touch game.

The boy was well-impressed with the clubhouse and the half-time hot chocolate was an 8/10. We’ll keep an eye out for who they get in the semi-final draw as a return visit is deffo on the cards.