Barclays Premier league: Leicester City 0 Manchester United 3.

King Power Stadium. Filbert Way, Leicester LE2 7FL.

A bonus match for us when I managed to get a couple of tickets at the last minute. We were stuck in the home end but my wife joined me instead of Frankie and she made sure I kept my emotions/celebrations in check in what turned-out to be a stroll in the park for the reds.

The natives sat around us have grown very restless with last season’s title-winning ‘heroes’ with Vardy, Mahrez, Huth and Morgan apparently all now being “sh!t and lazy”. I don’t know (or care) what has gone wrong with Leicester this season but there was more than a little accuracy in the comments.

United never looked under threat and once the first goal went in the contest was over. The second half was basically a training exercise as Pogba strolled around spraying the ball wherever he wanted and Zlatan wandered around flicking and back-healing at his leisure.

The visiting United fans put on a great showing, one of the best of the season according to the home fans, who mostly started skulking-off with about 15 minutes left to play.