Northern Premier League First Division South: Bedworth United 2 Basford United 2.

The Oval, Miners Welfare Park, Bedworth, Warwickshire, CV12 8NNh

I’ve fancied a visit to Bedworth (Bedearth to the locals) for a while and their belting little ground didn’t disappoint. The old main stand is brilliant, the PA played Morrissey, New Order and James pre-match and the food hut (Debz Shed) did ace cakes and faggots, chips peas and gravy for 3 quid. Winner.

Frankie’s mate Joe came with us for the first time in a little while and the usual situation played out whereby they left me my own for the match while they wandered around chanting and winding-up the away fans.

It was the first match we’ve watched on a 3G pitch and it more than played its part in affecting the game. Whilst not as bad as QPR, Luton or Oldham’s 1980’s efforts the bounce was unnatural and the ball skids away off the surface leading to a lot of frustratingly over-and-under hit passes (or maybe they were just sh*t).

Basford deserved to win and should have had the game sewn-up early but they missed a load of chances allowing the home side to grab an equaliser in the 94th minute.