Varsity Match: University of Leicester 1 De Montfort University 0.

Beaumont Town FC, Bennion Road, Leicester, LE4 1ER

Was surprised to see so many people at this game (400 – 500?) although clearly a good 85% of them had never been to a football match before. Frankie was pretty impressed with the bantz between the two sets of fans but to me many of the ‘chants’ sounded like the things you used to hear from the back of the bus on school trips or in a pub full of rugger-buggers.

It was a better game than expected, played with intense pace and commitment. DMU were technically superior but LU’s tactical discipline saw them more than control the waves of DMU attacks, though neither side exactly peppered the goal with chances.

The match basically ended with a bout of mass handbags as a DMU player shoved an opponent over and the rest of the players, the benches, stewards, smokebombs and a load of the crowd piled onto the pitch to jump around and give it the big un. Once play restarted the ref gave it 30 more seconds before blowing-up.

LU fully deserved their win and all the home-counties hoorays went off into the night singing about how much they love Leicester.